5. Remarks

Color may generate another level of meaning in the mind. This symbolism arises from cultural and contemporary contexts. Recent studies suggest that the basal ganglia first identify the rule, and then "train" the prefrontal cortex, which absorbs the lesson more slowly.

“Synesthesia” means joined sensation. And what is joined is two, three, or all five senses together. Synesthesia is not just something that it can be hear, but also something that can be see, or smell, or touch.

Music for example is not just a sound and a melody, but it's like visual fireworks that can be seen on a little screen, in the mind’s eye, in a sort of a TV analogy.

This is a holistic conscious awareness in that a sound is not just a sound but it's also a taste, and a shape, and movement, and a location in space, and a colour, whereas for most of us, it's just a sound. All of us are synesthetic, however in most of us, this holistic way of perceiving the world never comes to conscious awareness.

Our environment surrounds us with constant sound. Even the smallest vibrations and echoes help us to identify our surrounding area. Sounds coming from the back may, for example, have their 1000 Hz frequencies filtered out by the back of the pinna. Because of this we are able to use this change in quality as a way to determine if the sound comes from in front of us, below us, behind us, or over us. Newer technologies, such as 3D sound and other advances in the digital era, are refining the process further.




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