1. Color Symbolism

Color conveys meanings in two primary ways - natural associations and psychological symbolism. No, it’s not mind control. The truth of the matter is that people are comfortable when colors remind them of similar things.

2. Primitive Brain is Smarter

Primitive structures deep within the brain may have a far greater role in our high-level everyday thinking processes than previously believed, report researchers at the MIT.

3. Synesthesia

Could you imagine what it would be like to taste a shape, to hear a colour or to see a sound? In fact we do it all the time. We use metaphor and analogy across the senses to describe everything from food and wine to art and music. But supposing it wasn't just imagining, but real experience and that every time you tasted mint you could actually see and feel a smooth cold cylinder of glass.

4. How We Perceive Sound

Auditory scene analysis is the process by which we perceive the distance, direction, loudness, pitch, and tone of many individual sounds simultaneously.

5. Remarks

Color may generate another level of meaning in the mind. “Synesthesia” means joined sensation. And what is joined is two, three, or all five senses together. Music for example is not just a sound and a melody, but it's like visual fireworks that can be seen on a little screen, in the mind’s eye, in a sort of a TV analogy.


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